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Universal Send

Product Information
Specifying Recipients - Users have three ways of selecting the destination for send operations, whether sending an e-mail, I-fax, to a file server, Image Server Mailbox, database or a combination thereof.

Frequent destinations can be stored in one-touch address memory locations. Each one-touch button can store multiple addresses, similar to the Group Dial functions found on many fax machines, eliminating tedious keying tasks. Users can manually type in the destination at the time of the job for destinations not in the address book.

Another option is to use the Address Book, which can store up to 1,800 destinations in its permanent memory. The Address Book can be subdivided into 10 Sub-Address Books for convenient management and updating. Plus, through the Remote UI function, users can access any imageRUNNER Address Book from a connected PC. So, with the proper authorization level, users and administrators can update and edit the Address Book directly from their Web browsers. They can even import/export entire address book contents to/from the imageRUNNER!

For destinations not registered in an imageRUNNER Address Book and for one-time or infrequent destinations, users can manually enter the address using the touch-sensitive keyboard.

Using and Adjusting Scan Settings - Universal Send-enabled imageRUNNER devices are equipped with four preset scanning modes and two user-defined modes. Each preset Scanning Mode may be changed for specific jobs. In addition, Universal Send-enabled imageRUNNER models offer users the ability to store up to four customized scan settings as preset modes for unique document scanning applications. Users have the ability to adjust the resolution, exposure, original type (Text, Text/Photo, Photo) and document size.

Using and Adjusting Send Settings - Universal Send-enabled imageRUNNER devices can send any document in the user's choice of several popular file formats including TIFF, MTIFF, PDF or JPEG. Other Send Settings include Delayed Send, which allows users to program Universal Send-enabled imageRUNNER devices to send files to their selected destinations at a later time, or Direct Send (imageRUNNER fax-capable devices only), which allows users to send a fax without first scanning the entire document into memory. Transmission of the fax is on a page-by-page basis, as the pages are scanned.

Enhanced Copy Functions - Universal Send-enabled imageRUNNER models can execute the following innovative copy functions:

Cascade Copy allows a user to split a large copy job between two imageRUNNER devices installed on the network, in effect doubling output productivity.

Remote Copy allows a user to scan a copy on one imageRUNNER, and print the copies on another imageRUNNER located elsewhere on the network, enabling users to take advantage of finishing capabilities of the other units. Users can print output across the room, across campus, or across the country!

Job Done Notification lets Universal Send-enabled devices be programmed to send an e-mail directly to the user once a job is completed.

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