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Document Management

Document Imaging Basics

Document imaging systems, often referred to as document management systems, help you convert your paper files into electronic documents. It may sound like a simple process, but making the electronic documents easy to find, use and then re-save (archive) for future use is quite complex.

The best document imaging systems make finding and editing documents simple, using intuitive filing techniques, straightforward user interfaces, and full-text searching. If you work in a law office, doctor or dentistís office Ė or any other organization with regular, heavy volumes of paperwork, a document imaging system could simplify and streamline your filing system dramatically.

We recommend that you choose a supplier that has a system thatís easy to understand from the get-go Ė and who will stick around to provide training and installation support. These suppliers should be able to provide a system that will work with a scanner that you currently own or, if you donít have a scanner, provide a complete solution so you can convert your paper documents into electronic files. Once you have your files stored electronically, any employee that you allow to access the system will be able to retrieve and archive documents quickly.

An add-on service to consider if you have many thousands of documents to scan is on-site bulk scanning. These services will bring dedicated high-speed equipment to your office to help get your document imaging process off to a fast start.

Points to consider:

  • How many employees will use the document imaging system?
  • Will you need remote access?
  • Do you need a scanner or input device?
  • How many documents do you anticipate adding to the system each week?
  • Do you want to run the server in-house or outsource the hosting to an ASP?
  • What database products does the system need to work with?

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MEAP Technology

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