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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the Terms and Conditions of my online purchase?

The imageWISE Terms and Conditions page is clearly located in the Product Support Center of the website. Additionally customers will be asked to check a box stating you have read the Terms & Conditions, prior to completing your online purchase. Please take a moment to read this important information very carefully and when reviewing other sites be sure to understand your rights and obligations, you may find what you considered a good price is really not a good deal. Please feel free to contact one of our Sales Consultants, even to help review and interpret a similar site.

  • imageWISE Terms & Conditions

    What is the meter count on a refurbished product?

    imageWISE will only refurbish equipment with less than 2 months worth of use as specified by the manufacturer. Manufacturer monthly volumes can be found on the spec. sheets which are downloadable directly from each product's item page. The icon link is just to the right of the product's picture.

    Do you sell new or only Refurbished products?

    We sell both new as well as refurbished and remanufactured copiers. However, imageWISE has primarily concentrated on providing the best refurbished and remanufactured products in the industry. All of our products are backed by warranties to ensure your safety and confidence. Please contact one of our Sales Consultants for specific quotes and details.

    What warranties are offered with imageWISE products?

    All of our refurbished systems come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. In addition most of our new systems come with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers' warranties differ slightly by brand, so please ask your Sales Consultant for specific details on the brand you're interested in. We offer a 2-year warranty on all new, working parts, with the exception of consumables. Warranties for our refurbished units vary based on brand and model, but your warranty will be expressly stated on the invoice. Our standard warranty for refurbished units is 30 days parts and labor, calculated from the day your copier leaves our warehouse facility. Consumables such as toner, developer, and drums are not covered under warranty.

    Where do you ship? What are the shipping costs?

    We ship all over the United States and Canada. Shipping costs usually range from $375-$500 based on the model and accessories included.

    What if I want to purchase a service/maintenance contract for my copier or fax machine?

    Although our nationwide service program will not be available until late 2008, we can often recommend a local dealership or service company in your area. imageWISE has spent the past 17 years establishing dealer relationships through its wholesale division. Please contact a sales consultant if you are having trouble locating an appropriate servicing organization.

    Why are imageWISE's refurbished machines superior to other similar products?

    The condition and performance of our refurbished units are far superior to other refurbished units on the market for many reasons:
    1.Our painstaking 120-step review and selection process for identifying and selecting only the highest-quality products for the refurbishing program.
    2.Only equipment with less than 2 months worth of use are selected for our refurbishing program.(as established by the manufacturer)
    3.Our exhaustive remanufacturing process, quality control procedures, and testing methods that ensure all copiers are restored to manufacturers´ specifications. Please contact our sales department for more information on this detailed process and our exceptional reputation of standing behind every product we sell.
    4.imageWISE has received the remanufactures’ coveted Dealer Choice Award three years in a row.
    5.Our award winning customer service department emulates our superior products and service. imageWISE has been recognized in the Dell/NFIB Excellence in Customer Service Award 2007/2008.

  • imageWISE Refurbishing Process

  • Business Color Class
    20 to 55 cpm

    Enterprise Class
    50 to 75 cpm

    Production Copiers
    72 to 105 cpm

    High Speed Color
    55 to 75 cpm

    Workgroup Copiers
    20 to 45 cpm

    Desktop Copiers
    13 to 16 cpm

    Toner & Supplies

    Fax Machines

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