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EPA WasteWise

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Joining the WasteWise Program

imageWISE is a proud endorser level member of the EPA WasteWise program. This program is a free, voluntary, best practices methodology through which organizations eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes, benefiting their bottom line and the environment. WasteWise is a flexible program that allows partners to design their own waste reduction programs tailored to their needs.

All organizations within the United States may join the program. Large and small businesses from any industry sector are welcome to participate. Institutions, such as hospitals and universities, non-profits, and other organizations, as well as state, local, and tribal governments, are also eligible to participate in WasteWise.

Waste reduction makes good business sense because it can save your organization money through reduced purchasing and waste disposal costs. WasteWise provides free technical assistance to help you develop, implement, and measure your waste reduction activities. WasteWise offers publicity to organizations that are successful in reducing waste through EPA publications, case studies, and national and regional events. These events also provide networking opportunities for organizations to share waste reduction ideas and success stories.

There is no fee for membership in WasteWise. EPA designed WasteWise to be a free, voluntary, flexible program. The amount of time and money you invest is up to you! You are free to set goals that are the most feasible and cost-effective for your organization. In the long run, waste reduction can save your organization money.

The corporate headquarters and/or facilities of a parent company or holding company can join WasteWise regardless of whether its subsidiaries join. Any of the subsidiaries may choose to join at a later date either on their own or as a part of the parent company's membership.

Complete the registration form, which you may fill out online, download, or obtain by calling the WasteWise Helpline at (800) EPA-WISE.

Setting Up a WasteWise Program

WasteWise targets the reduction of municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes. Municipal solid waste includes materials that could end up in an organization's (or its customers') trash, such as corrugated containers, office paper, yard trimmings, packaging, and wood pallets. Participants can also address industrial wastes such as non-hazardous batteries, coal combustion products, foundry sand, non-hazardous sludges, oil filters, non-hazardous ink, and porcelain. WasteWise partners range from small local governments and nonprofit organizations to large, multinational corporations. Key aspects of successful WasteWise programs include:

Management support

After you have obtained management support and involvement and have joined the WasteWise program, we suggest that you establish a waste reduction team and select a team leader. Garnering the support of a group of individuals will facilitate the design and implementation of your program and ensure the success of achieving your goals.

Waste assessments

To help identify measures you can take to reduce the amount of waste you generate, we encourage you to conduct a waste assessment. An assessment can help you identify waste reduction opportunities and establish a baseline for measuring progress. Your WasteWise Assessment Form is due two months after you receive your New Partner Packet, which will contain the form and information to assist you in completing it. If you need additional information or technical assistance to complete the form, feel free to contact the Helpline.

Employee education

Once EPA approves your WasteWise Assessment Form, you will receive the WasteWise logo for internal and external use, with some restrictions. In addition, WasteWise has developed a sample press release and newsletter to assist you in announcing your commitment to WasteWise.

Measurement and reporting

Track your progress and report your results to WasteWise.

Program maintenance

Keep up the momentum by continuously looking for ways to enhance your waste reduction program. Encourage management to make your waste reduction program a priority and maintain employee involvement

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